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SOLARIS® PCO Air Purification

Solaris® air purifiers eliminate air contamination beyond the reach of filtration. Contamination at this molecular scale is not captured, it’s destroyed. A Solaris photocatalytic (PCO) air purifier uniquely combines the technologies of UV light, photocatalytic oxidation and ionization to improve the air at the molecular and microscopic levels.

  • Destroys common household odors, VOCs and toxic fumes from many sources. From cleaning agent, paint and pool odors, to pet smells, bathroom, laundry, exercise and cooking odors, Solaris PCO converts the complex molecules of odors back to the normal components of clean fresh air.
  • UV and PCO work together to disinfect the HVAC air stream killing bacteria, viruses and allergens like mold spores, reducing the chance of allergic reactions colds, flu and worse.
  • Low maintenance/self cleaning. Simply install a fresh UV lamp after 9,000 hours of operation (once a year).

SOLARIS® PCO Air Purification

PCO Air Purifier

SOLARIS® PCO Air Purifier

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Model Family: PCO Air Purifier
Filter efficiency: Germicidal UV, PCO and ionization together disinfect the HVAC air stream killing airborne bacteria, viruses, reducing the chance of colds, flu and worse.
Germicidal rate: The lamp’s intensity kills up to 99% of germs instantly while breaking down chemical fumes and allergens.
Manufacturer's Stated Benefits:
  • Destroys household odors, VOCs, and toxic fumes from cleaning agents to paint to pool odors, pet smells and cooking.
  • Unprecedented 249.7 sq inches of PCO purification power adjusts independently for structures up to up to 5000 sq ft
  • Commercial-grade construction makes the lifetime warranty possible on the Solaris purifier.
  • The UV lamp has a 2-year life and is warranted for the full 2-year lifespan.